true confessions.

confession: i often start a blog post without knowing exactly what i'm going to say, but rather i start with an overwhelming need to express.

confession: i love music, but i am more passionate about other things. and it shows, especially to people who believe me to be a music guru or something.

confession: i am happy with some things in life right now. but in most things, i could definitely be a whole lot happier. and for some reason, knowing that but not knowing what to do about that has been really hard.

confession: i sometimes experience momentary jealousy of people who are amazing musicians. also, of people my age who are recently married/1st-time-parents, and of people my age who have really cool, creative, successful careers.

confession: i'm getting used to louisville, but i don't really like it.

confession: i don't evangelize in the traditional sense. but i evangelize every single day.

confession: i want my theology to meet my reality in all the places it doesn't currently.

confession: i have no clue what i want to do with my life. i have some ideas, but i could really go in any direction.

confession: i am pathetically undisciplined.

confession: i would really, really, really like to get to a healthy level of in-shape-ness. biggest hindrance -- see above.

confession: i like my new apartment. i don't love it. i wish i did.

confession: sometimes i wish something huge or tragic would happen to me ... just so i could see how i would react.

confession: i secretly sometimes wish that i could be a successful singer/songwriter.

confession: even though i'm only 23.5, i'm starting to feel very, very old and rather unaccomplished.

confession: i don't behave like a 'typical' christian. but i'm certainly not afraid or embarassed to tell people that i am one.

confession: sometimes i miss the college years so much that it hurts.

confession: serving and leading out of brokenness is waaaay harder than serving and leading out of self-sufficiency, but it's also waaaaaaay more rewarding.

confession: i ebb and flow.

confession: i sin, and it doesn't always make me sick. which makes me sick.

confession: i want to do the children's moment at church sometime.

confession: i'm exhausted most of the time.

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  1. You're on blogger to?? Yaaay! I really enjoyed reading your confessions. Honesty is refreshing.