break my heart.

i'm not trying to be political. i'm not trying to legislate morality. i'm not trying to create a bunch of legalistic copies of my self. but this ... this makes me sick.

Indiana Planned Parenthood Covers Up Sexual Abuse of 13-year Old - video powered by Metacafe

unbelievable. i'm not, generally speaking, a big fan of abortion. i do, however, like to keep the specifics of my opinions on the subject under wraps. what is happening to the '13-year-old' girl in this video, though, is coercive. it's child abuse. it's totally devoid of true compassion and concern for her. what this girl needs is a counselor who will walk her through all the emotional issues she is facing at this juncture ... NOT a manipulative nurse with a personal agenda. this nurse is supposed to be someone she can TRUST to care for her -- physically and emotionally. what she gets instead is a careless, covert cover-up scheme.

i can't pretend to know what is the BEST way to handle a situation like this ... but i would think it would be obvious that this isn't even close to it.