things that make my heart heavy

war and its atrocities. (my parents have been watching ken burns' documentary about world war II on pbs)

stillborn babies. (in keeping up with john piper's blog)

the baggage my family carries into every interaction. (i just want mom to be free)

it's so true, i see it everywhere i go:
the earth waits and groans.

and for that reason, nothing makes my heart heavier
than knowing that there are hundreds
billions of people in the world


without the good news of Jesus.
without the freedom of the presence of God with us.
without the assurance of salvation from this excruciating, futile, defeated life.

i would have despaired
unless i believed
that i would see the goodness of God
in the land of the living.

so on that glorious day
i will enter His presence giving thanks
i will approach His throne with praise

not that He gave me what i hoped for
but that He gave me all that i did not deserve ....
..... that He gave me more than what i would have dared to hope for.

because He is better than anything i could hope for or imagine.
and my heart will not be heavy forever.

[isaiah twenty-eight : twenty-three through twenty-nine]


  1. still a calvinist

    i have no idea if i'll actually like anything he wrote. it will be my first time reading anything by him.


  2. Sorry, I didn't read this post before I commented.
    It is absolutely heartwrenching to think of those who will be lost and the pain we must endure.