it's not something i've talked about in quite a while, and i think that says something. not that i'm no longer interested in race perceptions and relations, but that it's a topic that i used to constantly consider, and now it's become 'mundane' in the desensitization sense.

but today i was browsing my google reader [stinkin LOVE that thing!] and one of the blogs that i'm subscribed to posted a video about race in america in the new millenium, in order to kick-start a friday morning bible study on race and the Church (which, you better believe, i'll be going to). and i'm not going to lie ... it broke my heart.

it's the short version, less than 2 minutes. the long version is 7, and you can find it on youtube by searching "girl like me."

sometimes it's hard to believe how different someone's life is just because of the color of their skin. race is not something i am forced to consider or face everyday ... or even every week. people may judge me because of other outward things ... but rarely is it something so fundamental and unchangeable.

on youtube, some people were pointing out that the ways the questions were worded could be leading, or that we should be careful what conclusions we draw from this. is it really a self-esteem issue, or is it a reflection of what kids see in their classrooms? when the kid says the "nice" doll is the white one, and the "bad" doll is the black one, does that mean they are simply associating the dolls with people they know? and what would happen if the experiment were done on white kids? what would they pick?

but regardless of the wording or the "true" implications, there is something going on. there is something happening in our perception as a society of race. there is a trend in our society that links race and class, class and behavior, and therefore, race and behavior. and i haven't even yet mentioned value -- what is valued by our society, and how those things are linked (by trend, not rule) to different races, to certain races.

love your neighbor as yourself. value him, care for her, put their needs and concerns before your own. i mean, is it really that complicated?

this is not something i have to be concerned about. but it is something that that i should consider.

and so should you.

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  1. i don't think i said "hyper"...but calvinist...absolutely
    you love tulips just as much as we do. your posts show it, you just can't admit it. read back through your posts from the past months and tell me that they wouldn't have come from the mouths of calvin, edwards, owen and piper?
    you're a calvinist my friend..love it. cherish it.