the place i was wasn't perfect, but i had found a way to live

rarely has a song echoed so exactly what my heart is feeling now.

the past is so easily romanticized. and the future leaves me as easily jaded. and neither emotion reflects reality. the truth is that i need to learn to trust and obey. and experience the fullness of joy and the peace that passes understanding.


to be really introspective about it, the reality is that i've been putting an awful lot of roots in things that aren't Christ. and not putting enough roots in Christ. i say, "Jesus, take me anywhere You want." and i would go wherever He goes easily if i were more rooted in Him. but i have become far too rooted in places, relationships, jobs, and in a life that is temporary.

only He will endure.
only what is done for Him will last.
only His work will remain.

only He is worth living in and living for.

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