today, i pondered the 38th street hooter's palm trees. how much money is spent (read: wasted) in lighting those trees? who decided that the flashing lighted palm trees would be a good marketing idea? and are we really so deluded that we would just eat right out of that idiot's hand?

"ooo ... those are cool ..."

yeah, or not.

but i went to walmart last night. and i bought headbands and ice cream. necessary? no. a shiny distraction to delude me that my life is good? probably much closer to the truth.

i'm quickly deluded into that kind of thinking, though. i miss out on the things that are truly good because i get distracted by things that look good. but today, i'm hungry for something that will truly satisfy. i'm longing for something that is truly good.

"this too is vanity and striving after the wind ... one hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after wind." -- king solomon.


  1. hey

    i've eaten at the 38th street hooters.
    in fact, it was a saxophone tradition all four years of my college career.


  2. i love you too, and i'm serious about you and me in bloomington writing off at least five on your list haha!!
    and thats pretty funny about joe... hooters always piss me offf