i'm not exactly a huge fan of the prosperity gospel. in fact, i really quite abhor it. but i also relish the blessings of God when they come upon me ... and the other day, i realized that while the prosperity gospel isn't true, it is true that blessing follows obedience ... because the blessing is in the obedience.

so the prosperity gospel says, "have a big enough faith, do big enough good works, and you will earn the favor of God, and He will bless you richly in return."

essentially, it's the attitude of, if i obey God, it will earn the the riches of a prosperous life. God will give me what is due to me because of my good behavior.

definitely not true. love, blessings, grace, favor ... all unconditional with God.

but here is the truth: God's way is good. God's way is true. God knows more about the human condition than even we who are bound by it: He created it. God's commands are full of wisdom and gracious truth for us; He sees the big picture. so in any circumstance of this life, God already knows and understands it more than we ever could. His comprehension of the most intimate details of our troubled situations is profound.

so when we follow in His way, when we are obedient to His commands, it will go well for us. we are walking in God's way, the way of truth and goodness and love and reconciliation and redemption and salvation and unity and peace and glory and grace. if we obey Him, we will see all of those things come to fruition in our lives, eternally and even occasionally on earth. the Kingdom is coming, and the Kingdom is here.

the blessing is in the obedience. We are blessed, not because we've earned it with legalism, not because our faith was be enough and we're getting the reward due to us for such a faith, but because we are lving God's way, in God's Kingdom, and God is completely GOOD ... how could it possibly go poorly for us, then? It may not be the health, wealth, or prosperity blessing that some seek after as their highest good, but it will be even better. God is giving us Himself, for eternity, when we go His way.

We are going God's way, and it will go well.

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