talk is cheap, but at what price?

i logged in to my AT&T account to check my bill for this month, and as i browsed the site, i made a startling discovery.

during the most recent one-month billing cycle, i made and received 270 phone calls, totaling 1746 minutes. not including 220 text messages. that means i spent 29.1 hours on the phone. about one hour each day. about ten phone calls each day.

maybe that doesn't sound startling to you. but i make a concerted effort to not be chained to my phone. i purposely bought the cheapest and smallest plan (but recently had to upgrade...). i've always opted for the free or cheapest phone (but last time, bought a bluetooth that i used twice...). i really don't feel like i use the phone for an hour every day.

which leads me to wonder how much time i spent last month watching tv? or on facebook? or reading blogs in my google reader? or checking email?

what did i talk about for 29 hours last month? ... i can remember a few things, and i really hope i don't spend an hour every day doing that.

but i know what i DIDN'T do for an hour every day last month:

talk to Jesus. renew my mind with scripture. speak of the glorious riches of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

my AT&T bill reveals a lot of things: phone calls, text messages, MB of info sent & received, rollover minutes used and accumulated, taxes, discounts, overages, and fees. and now, apparently, it also reveals the condition of my heart and the idols of my culture i have worshipped with my time and attention.

and apparently, with just a little apathy, i've bought in to the temporary things of this world a whole lot more than i ever intended to. and they are wonderfully cheap ... but it's not a price i'm willing to pay.


  1. Oh Belloni...
    One of these days maybe we'll utilize some of those cell phone minutes to chat it up about God and all that He's doing in life.
    I miss your thoughts!